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1. Rav Nachman: The Mishnah does not contradict the fact that one cannot give something to a fetus.
2. Rav Sheshes: One may give something to a fetus even before its birth.
3. The Gemara discusses the case of a convert who died and whose property was claimed unfairly by others.
4. The Gemara discusses whether the original unfair acquisition is valid if the remaining relative of the convert dies.
5. A firstborn who is born after his father dies does not receive a double portion of inheritance (such a case exists when the mother was pregnant with twins).


1. The Mishnah only said that if a person gives something to a fetus "after it is born," this is a valid statement. However, the Mishnah agrees that one cannot give something to a fetus while it is a fetus.
2. This is the opposite of Rav Huna's opinion that one cannot give something to a fetus, even by stipulating that the gift will take effect only after its birth.
3. The possessions of a convert who dies without relatives are considered ownerless and may be claimed by anyone. However, in the case of the Gemara, people were unaware that the convert had a pregnant wife or a son.
4. The Gemara states that the first acquisition was invalid, since they had no rights to acquire. Rav Sheshes claims that this is proof that even a fetus inherits from his father, implying that a fetus can acquire.
5. The verse regarding a double portion says, "Yakir" -- "he will recognize," implying that the father must "recognize" and know his firstborn in order for the law of double portion to apply. Where a father tragically never saw his firstborn son, the law of double portion does not apply.

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