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1. There is a dispute about how we view a man who gave away his estate to a person other than his son.
2. Yosef ben Yoezer had a son who acted improperly, and therefore he dedicated his money to Hekdesh (so that his son not inherit it).
3. His son eventually repented and dedicated six times this amount of money to Hekdesh.
4. Shmuel: One should not give his estate to a good son over a bad son.
5. The Gemara discusses the story of a person whose sons acted improperly, and he therefore bequeathed all of his estate to Yonasan ben Uziel.


1. Tana Kama: What he did is valid, but the Chachamim disapprove of such behavior. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: If his sons were not acting properly (and he therefore did not give them any inheritance), he is remembered as having done a good deed.
2. In the end, his son ended up finding a massive amount of money inside a fish.
3. It is unclear whether this was in the merit of Yosef ben Yoezer not allowing him to inherit, or whether it was an act that showed that Yosef ben Yoezer had acted incorrectly.
4. Shmuel continued that he certainly should not give his estate to a daughter over a son.
5. Yonasan ben Uziel sold one third of these possessions, dedicated one third of them to Hekdesh, and gave one third to the sons of the deceased. Shamai at first did not think that this was appropriate behavior, as the deceased clearly did not want his son to have any of his estate, and therefore he rebuked Yonasan ben Uziel for doing so. (Shamai later retracted).

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