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1. A person should try to avoid an Ayin ha'Ra.
2. Descendants of Yosef are not affected by an Ayin ha'Ra.
3. The Gemara explains how we know that Yehoshua and Kalev received the portion of the Meraglim (spies).
4. Some say that Yehoshua and Kalev received even the portions of the Mislonenim (complainers) and of the supporters of Korach.
5. The daughters of Tzelafchad told Moshe Rabeinu that their father did not belong to either of these groups.


1. This is why Yehoshua advised his tribe to build houses in wooded areas.
2. Some derive this from the verse describing Yosef as "Alei Ayin," from which the Gemara understands that he is "above the [evil] eye." Others derive this from Yakov's blessing to Yosef's sons; i.e., they are like fish that are not seen, and therefore the evil eye does not rule over them.
3. The verse says, "And Yehoshua and Kalev lived from those people..." Since another verse already states that they lived and entered Eretz Yisrael while the Meraglim died, its intent must be to teach that they received the spies' portions.
4. Abaye states that this opinion really means that they inherited the portion of the complainers who joined the group of Korach (and they were not two separate groups, which would be a much larger number of portions).
5. Had he been a member of one of these wicked groups, his daughters would not have asked for a portion in Eretz Yisrael, since he would not have been entitled to receive one had he had lived.

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