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1. The Gemara relates the story of Binyamin ha'Tzadik, who was in charge of distributing charity.
2. The Gemara relates that King Munbaz gave away the royal treasures in order to feed people during a famine.
3. The Mishnah discusses the minimum sizes of various types of jointly-owned properties in order for one partner to be able to force the other to divide it.
4. Even though the Mishnah says that a yard must have at least four Amos per partner, it is actually double this amount.
5. There is a dispute about how a yard is divided.


1. A woman once came to him pleading for charity for her and her seven children. Since the charity was out of funds, he decided to support her from his own money. When he became very ill, that merit caused his decree to be annulled and enabled him to live for another 22 years.
2. When his brothers and his father's household were upset about this, he replied, "My father stored up treasures on this earth, but I am storing away treasures in Heaven" (i.e., in the merit of feeding the poor during a famine).
3. For example, a field must be large enough to plant at least nine Kav per partner, and a garden must be large enough to plant at least half a Kav per partner, in order for one partner to force the other to divide.
4. This is because the Mishnah means that this is the area required in the yard without taking in account the four Amos in front of each person's door that he is entitled to have. If each partner will not receive four Amos in front of his door and four Amos of yard space, neither partner may force the other to divide the yard.
5. Rav Huna: The division of the yard is based on how many doorways each person has to the yard. (Even if they each have one house, a person who has two doorways receives two thirds of the yard, while a person with one doorway receives one third.) Rav Chisda: While each doorway receives four Amos of yard space before the yard is divided, the actual division of the yard is based on the number of homeowners in the yard, not the number of doorways.

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