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1. The Gemara discusses how one measures an inherited field that was consecrated to Hekdesh in order to redeem it.
2. The Gemara explains why the mounds and ditches are not included in this measurement.
3. The Gemara concludes that deep ditches are not included in a Beis Kor of land, even if they are not filled with water.
4. If a person says he is selling "an exactly-measured Beis Kor of earth," his words are taken literally.
5. If a person says, "whether it is more or less," there is room for error of one quarter Kav per Se'ah.


1. Just as the Mishnah says that mounds of earth 10 Tefachim high and ditches 10 Tefachim deep are not included in a sale of a Beis Kor of land, these types of mounds and ditches are not included in an inherited field consecrated to Hekdesh.
2. The measurement of redeeming an inherited field depends on the size of an area as measured by how much barley can be planted there. Since these ditches are filled with water and cannot be planted, they are not included in this measurement.
3. This is because a person wants his field (the size of a Beis Kor) to look like one field and not like two or three fields separated by ditches and mounds of earth.
4. If the seller gave even a small amount less than that, he must reduce the price that he charged in proportion to how much was left out.
5. If there is more than one quarter Kav per Se'ah to the benefit of the buyer, the seller may choose whether he should receive a small part of his field back, or whether the buyer should compensate him for the extra land.

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