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BAVA BASRA 90 (26 Nisan) - dedicated by Avi and Lily Berger of Queens, N.Y./Passaic, N.J. in memory of Avi's mother, Leah bas Michel Mordechai, for the day of her Yahrzeit.


1. The Gemara says it is very sinful for merchants to put fruits into storage in order to release it at a high price.
2. The verse puts such merchants (#1) in the same class as those who lend money with interest and those who use dishonest measures.
3. Rav explains the prohibition of storing too much fruit.
4. One is allowed to store non-essentials, such as spices like pepper, in order to drive up the price.
5. One should not take basic goods, such as wine, flour, and oil from Eretz Yisrael to Chutz la'Aretz.


1. Withholding a certain fruit from the market lowers the supply and drives up the price, enabling the suppliers to make a lot of money when they slowly release the fruit to the market.
2. Regarding all of them, the verse states that Hashem swears that He will never forget their evil deeds.
3. He explains that a person does not transgress if he stores fruit that he grows in his own fields. The prohibition is when he buys a lot of this fruit that is available from other merchants and stores it until the price goes up.
4. It is permissible to store fruit in Eretz Yisrael for the three years before Shemitah, during Shemitah, and after Shemitah.
5. Rebbi Yehudah ben Beseirah allows one to take out wine, as less wine means less of the lightheaded behavior associated with wine.

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