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1. The Mishnah discusses a "Chezkas Shimush" -- "Chazakah of usage."
2. The Mishnah also delineates which type of usage does not establish a Chezkas Shimush in three years.
3. If a person brings his chickens into his friend's house for three years, this establishes a Chazakah.
4. A man must avoid looking at women for pleasure, even if he must be in a place where women congregate.
5. Torah scholars were careful that their skin should not be seen under their cloaks.


1. For example, a person made a pen for his animals in someone else's yard, and he put his animals in the pen for three years. The owner of the yard then protests their presence. The owner of the animals may claim that he has a Chazakah for using this space for this usage. He may claim that the landowner either gave him this right as a present or sold it to him, and this is proven by his Chazakah.
2. If a person merely has his animals enter someone else's yard for three years, without making a pen, it is possible that a person will not protest such a thing. This is because animals constantly move around, and they do not establish a permanent presence in his yard.
3. A homeowner would not let his friend do so unless he sold him this right.
4. Regarding such a situation the verse states, "And he closes his eyes from seeing bad" (that is, by gazing at women he has bad thoughts).
5. This applied even to their bare feet. Accordingly, even when they did not wear shoes, they wore a cloak long enough to cover their feet.

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