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1. A person gave his garment to a tailor for repair. When he comes to retrieve his garment, the tailor tells him to take a different one than the one he deposited. He may use the other garment.
2. If a person took someone else's coat at a gathering of people, he may not use it.
3. Abaye details the common counter-claims made by the many dishonest craftsmen in Pumbedisa.
4. Rava says that while the craftsmen were indeed dishonest, their claims technically were valid.
5. Rebbi Yochanan explains the Mishnah's statement that a sharecropper cannot have a Chazakah.


1. As long as there is a reasonable explanation for the tailor's action (e.g., he is giving or lending to him a better garment while he repairs the one deposited with him), he may use it. This is because the tailor has the legal right to give him the other garment (and its owner knew that when he deposited the garment with the tailor).
2. This is because that person did not give him permission to use his coat.
3. Abaye says that they frequently would deny having received items for repair. Even when witnesses said that they saw the item at the craftsman's store, the craftsman would say that it a similar item, and he would not consent to their request to bring out the "similar item."
4. Rava says that unless witnesses say that they currently see the item in the craftsman's possession illegally, the Mishnah implies that he does not have to deal with their claim (if he is telling the truth).
5. He understands that while an ordinary sharecropper can establish a Chazakah, the Mishnah is referring to a family that has always been sharecroppers for a family of landowners. They cannot establish a Chazakah, since it is normal for such a family to eat the fruits of the field they are working on for a few years in a row.

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