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One woman may seclude herself with two men in the city. but if she is on the road she may not seclude herself with less than three men. (1)
When a husband is Mekaneh his wife and he brings her to Yerushalayim to drink from the Mei Sotah the Bais Din instruct two Talmidei Chachamim to accompany them to ensure that he will not have relations with her along the way. (2)
The punishment for Yichud is Malkus but if the Yichud is with a married woman they are not given Malkus because of the concern that people will spread rumors that the children are Mamze’irim.
A married woman who secludes herself with a man is not forbidden to her husband.
A person is punished with Malkus if there is a Kol that he is transgresses Mitzvos of the Torah.
If a woman‘s husband is in town or if there is an entrance open to a Reshus ha’Rabim there is no Isur of Yichud. (3)
If men are outside and women are inside there is no concern of Yichud, but if the men are inside and the women are outside there is a concern of Yichud. (4)
The Be’raysah states the opposite that if the women are inside and the men are outside there is a concern for Yichud. (5)
If a woman made a Neder and the husband annulled the Neder without her knowledge and she transgressed the Neder she requires atonement since she thought she was committing an Ave'irah.
R. Asi says that a person may seclude himself with his sister on occasion and he may live with his mother or daughter.
Shmu’el says that a person may not seclude himself with any of the Arayos, including an animal.
The Tana of our Mishnah states that a person may seclude himself with his mother or daughter, while the Tana of the Be’raysah states that a person may not seclude himself without witnesses with his sister or his mother-in-law or any of the other Arayos.
A person may seclude himself with two Yavamos with two Tzaros a woman and her mother-in-law, with a woman and the daughter of her mother-in-law, and with a woman and the daughter of her husband. (5)
A person may seclude himself with a woman together with a girl who is old enough to understand what Bi’ah is but is not old enough to engage in Bi’ah.
Once a girl is nine and a boy is twelve and according to the second Lashon when the girl is twelve and a boy is thirteen they may no longer sleep with their father and mother.
If the daughter is embarrassed to stand in front of her father without her clothing even if she is less than nine she no longer may sleep with her parents.
It is forbidden for a father to accept Kidushin for his daughter until she becomes a Gadolah and consents to the Kidushin.
Shmu’el says that it is forbidden to have a woman serve you at all.


1. Because one of them mane may need to go to the side of the road to relieve himself and meanwhile she is in seclusion with one man which is forbidden.
2. A husband may not have relations with his wife who is a Sotah and if he does the Mei Sotah will not have any effect and she is forbidden to him forever.
3. However, if the man is a frequent guest in the house even if the husband is in the city there is an Isur of Yichud
4. If the women are outside we are concerned that maybe one of the men will go outside and will be in seclusion with the women.
5. Because of the concern that one of the men will go inside and will be in seclusion with the women and he will not be afraid that one of his friends will follow him inside because the way out is the other way.
6. All of these women hate each other and therefore they will not cover up for each other.


The Gemara states that after R. Chiya Bar Ashi thought that he had committed an Ave'irah he placed himself in the oven to so that he will be burned. The Radal says that it was permitted for him to kill himself in order to receive atonement for his transgression and it would not be regarded as if he killed himself for no reason. We find similarly in the Gemara Kesuvos regarding a washer man who jumped off a roof in order to atone for Chilul Shabbos and the Maharit explains that it was permitted for him to do so and he doesn’t have the status of person who committed suicide who may not be eulogized and we do not sit in mourning for him or rip our clothing.


When the incident of Amnon and Tamar occurred, Dovid and his Bais Din decreed the prohibition of Yichud with am unmarried woman even though she is not an Erva. Shamai and Hilel decreed the prohibition of Yichud with a Kusis. Therefore anyone who secludes himself with a woman who it is forbidden to seclude oneself with, whether it is with a Yisra’elis or Kusis. They are both are punished with Makus Mardus and it is announced [why they are being punished with Malkus], with the exception of an E’ishes Ish. Even though it is forbidden to have Yichud with an E’ishes Ish we don’t give Malkus to them so that rumors will not be spread that she was Mezaneh and it will turn out that they are Motzi La’az that he children are Mamze’irim.

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