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The best families of Pumpedisa intermarried with families from Biram. (1)
R. Papa says that the borders of Bavel are the same both for Yuchsim and Gitin while R. Yosi holds that for Gitin the border is the second swamp after the bridge. (2)
The Persians eat and drink like bears, they are fat and have long hair like bears and they are restless like bears.
Persians are analogous the army of Dovid ha’Melech, Chavrin are analogous to destructive angels, Yishma’elim are analogous to the demons in rest rooms and Talmid Chacham are analogous to Malachei Shares
R. Yochanan says that the Mavarta d’Gizma is the border of Bavel in the southwest, however a strip of land protrudes from there which is also part of Bavel and Shot Meishat is at the end of the strip.
A Tzadik does not pass away until another Tzadik is born; before the sun set on E'ili the sun shined on Shmu’el. (3)
Amon and Moav who were our biggest enemies while we were in our land continued to antagonize us after we were exiled to Bavel.
Shmu’el says that Moshcheni is like Bavel with regards to Yuchsin
Shmu’el says that there is no concern that the people in Me’ishan are servants or Mamze’irim, however some of the Kohanim there married divorcees.
Shmu’el says that if someone is Mafkir his servant the servant goes free and no Get Shichrur is required.
The Chachamim hold that people from all lands have a Chazakah that they are of Kosher lineage. ( 4)
R. Yosi holds that Mamze’irim and Nesinim will be purified in the future, while R. Me'ir argues.
R. Yosi holds that a Ger may marry a Mamzeres, while R. Yehudah argues.
A Ger, a freed servant and a Chalal may marry a Bas Kohen. (5)


1. Biram was on the east side of the river Peras, but it was regarded as part of Bavel with regards to Yichus and even people from Pumpedisa which was between the rives Chidekel and Peras intermarried with families from Biram.
2. A Shli’ach who brings a Get from Medinas ha’Yam to Eretz Yisra’el must say B’Fanai Nictav and B’Fanai Nichtam, but a Shli’ach who brings a Get from Eretz Yisra’el does not have to day B’Fanai Nictav and B’Fanai Nichtam because in Eretz Yisra’el they are aware of the Din that a Get must be written l’Shmah and Bavel is the same as Eretz Yisra’el and a Shli’ach who brings a Get from Bavel does not have to day B’Fanai Nictav and B’Fanai Nichtam
3. On the day that R. Akiva died Rebbe was born and on the day that Rebbe dies R. Yehudah was born and on the day that R. Yehudah dies Rava was born
4. The Mishnah which states that the Pasulim ascended to Eretz Yisra’el and implies that people in other lands other than Bavel do not have a Chezkas Kashrus is the opinion of R. Me'ir.
5. Although a Kohen may not marry a Giyores, a freed maidservant or a Chalalah these restrictions do not apply to a Bas Kohen.


R. Yosi says that Mamze’irim and Nesinim will be Tahor in the future, while R. Me'ir argues. R. Yehudah says in the name of Shmu’el that the Halchah is like R. Yosi. The Tosfos Rosh asks that this Halachah is not applicable nowadays; it is only for the times of Mashicah. The Tosfos Rosh answers that this Halachah applies nowadays as well because it applies to any time a Mamzer is mixed in with a Kosher family and we don’t know which emember of the family is the Mamzer. Since the Halachah is like R. Yosi that Mamze’irim will be Tahor in the future it is permitted to marry into the family even though each one of them is a Safek Mamzer.


A Kohenes is permitted to marry a Chalal, Ger or freed servant because Keshe’iros (Bas Kohanim) are not prohibited from marrying Pasulei Kehunah because the Pasuk states Bnei Aharon it doesn’t state Bnos Ahron.
However anytime the man is prohibited from marrying the woman (such as a Kohen to a divorcee) the woman shares the same prohibition because the prohibition applies equally to both men and women. (Bais Shmu’el)

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