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It is a Machlokes if a child born from a union of a non-Jew and a Bas Yisra’el is a Mamzer.
Rabah Bar Chanah says that a person who marries a woman who is Pesulah to him is regarded as if he plowed the entire world and plants it with salt.
If someone marries a woman for the sake of money his children will not turn out well. (1)
R. Hamnuna says that a person who marries a woman who is Pesulah to him Elyahu ties him up and Hashem Yisborach whips him. (2)
A person who is always defaming other families is Pasul himself; a person who is Pasul never speaks positively about others.
Shmu’el says that a person who defames others defames them with his own blemishes.
Once a person is appointed to be a leader of the Tzibur he may not do manual labor in front of three people. (3)
Shmu’el says that one may not have a woman serve him whether she is a Gadolah or a. Ketanah.
Shmu’el says that the voice of a woman is an Erva.
One may not send greetings to a woman at all. (4)
Rav gave Malkus to a person who pained a Shli’ach of the Rabanan.
Shmu’el says that anyone who claims that he is from the family of Chashmona’im is a servant. (5)
If a Talmid Chacham states a Halachah decision it is only accepted if he stated the Halachah before it applies to himself.
R. Elazar says if a Kohen acts brazenly one should not question his lineage because the Pasuk states that Kohanim tend to be argumentative.
Anyone who marries a woman who is Pesulah to him when the Shechinah resides among us He testifies about all of the Shevatim but not about him.
The Shechinah only resides among the families that have Kosher lineage.
Ge’irim are bad for Yisra’el like Tzara’as. (6)


1. The money will also quickly be lost.
2. Eliyahu writes and Hashem Yisborach signs ‘woe to the person who invalidates his children and blemishes his family’.
3. Because it is a disgrace for the Tzibur that their leader doesn’t have anyone to do his labor for him.
4. Because of the concern that by sending greetings to each other it will lead to inappropriate familiarity.
5. Because Hurdus who was a servant killed all of the Chashmona’im and took the name Chashmona’im for his own family and the only person left from the Chashmona’im was one girl who before jumping off the roof called out that anyone who claims to be from the Chashmona’im is a servant.
6. Because they do not keep the Mitzvos properly and we learn from their bad deeds.


Anyone who marries a woman who is Pesulah to him when Hashem Yisborach resides His Shechinah among us He testifies about all of the Shevatim but not about him. The Ben Yehoyada explains that the testimony of Hashem Yisborach is when the Bais ha'Mikdash is rebuilt, quickly in our days, all of Klal Yisrael will stand in the Azarah and miraculously there will be room for all of them. This miracle is testimony that all of thiose standing in the Azarah are holy; just as the holy Aron and Kruvim took up no space in the Kodesh Kodashim so too the holy nation of Klal Yisrael will not take up space in the Azarah. A person who married a woman who is Pesulah will not merit this miracle because he is not holy; just as the clouds of honor on the Midbar accepted all of Klal Yisrael but not the Eirev Rav, so too the Azarah will not accept such a person who marries a woman who is Pesulah.


A Talmid Chacham who states a Dvar Halach that applies to himself, if he states the Halachah before it applies to himself we accept his words, but if not we do not accept it. However, this only applies if he says that he has a tradition regarding this Halachah, but if it a Sevarah if it sounds logical we accept it even if it does apply to himself. (Shulchan Aruch YD 242:36)

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