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A Bas Kohen who was married to a Yisrael and has a child or grandchild from him even if the child is Pasul she may not go back to eating Terumah in the house of her father. (1)
The handiwork and the Kesef Kidushin of a Na'arah belong to her father.
A Jewish servant who is owned by a Kohen may not eat Terumah even if he is Nirtzah (his ear was punctured and he works until the Yovel).
Sometimes the Torah states a Din that could anyway have been learned out from a Kal va'Chomer.
A girl who is sold by her father as a maidservant goes free when she is a Na'arah and if she is an Ailonis she goes free when she becomes a Bogeres. (2)
A Yavam is Koneh a Yevamah only with Bi'ah and not with Kesef or Shtar. (3)
A maidservant is acquired only with Kesef and she may buy back her freedom with Kesef.
When a Na'arah accepts Kidushin the Kesef Kidushin belongs to the father.
If a woman gives the Kesef Kidushin to the man it is not a valid Kidushin.
A person may be Mekadesh a woman with Kesef, Shtar or Bi'ah.


1. A Bas Kohen who was married to a Yisrael and her husband divorced her or he died may eat Terumah again if she does not have children or grandchildren from her former husband who are still alive, even if the child is Paul (such as a Mamzer) she may not eat Terumah.
2.An Ailonis is a woman who reaches the age of 20 without developing the Simanim of a Na'arah and therefore she skips the period of Na'arus and she becomes a Bogeres and if she is a maidservant she goes free.
3. However if he is Koneh her with Kesef or Shtar it is regarded as Ma'amar and it is a Kinyan mid'Rabanan and if he decides not to do Yibum both a Get and Chalitzah are required.


The Gemara states that one may think that a father nay not sell his daughter who is an Ailonis for a maidservant. Tosfos asks that a maidservant is sold when she is a Ketanah and how is it possible for the father to know at that time that she is an Ailonis as she becomes an Ailonis if she has not develop the Simanim of a Na'arah by the age of 20. Tosfos answers that that we may have thought that the master must return the handiwork to the father and the father must return the money he received for her sale to the master and if the master or his son did Yi'ud (married her) it would not be valid.


A maidservant goes free when she develops Simanim of a Na'arah. Even if she develops Simanim the day after she was purchased she goes free and she goes back into the Reshus of her father until she becomes a Bogeres and goes out of his Reshus. If she is an Ailonis who skips the period of Na'arus and goes straight from being a Ketanah to being a Na'arah she goes free when she becomes a Bogeres. (Rambam Hilchos Avadim 4:5)

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