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1. The Gemara concludes that when Miriam became afflicted with Tzara'as, Aharon also became afflicted for one instant.
2. A person who wrongly suspects others is punished with a stricken body.
3. The Gemara shows Hashem's attribute of bestowing good is expressed far more than His attribute of punishing.
4. Anything less than three Tefachim from the ground is considered part of the domain in which it rests.
5. If someone intended to throw an object eight Amos in Reshus ha'Rabim and it traveled only four, he is liable.


1. This is derived from the verse, "And Aharon turned to Miriam, and behold she was a leper…." The extra word "turned" indicates that he turned away from his own Tzara'as which was quickly healed.
2. This is derived from the fact that Moshe told Hashem regarding Bnei Yisrael, "They will not believe me." Hashem caused the hand of Moshe to become afflicted with Tzara'as.
3. This is derived from the fact that when Hashem caused Moshe's hand to become afflicted with Tzara'as, the verse says, "And he took it out, and behold his hand had Tzara'as like snow," as opposed to when he recovered, where the verse says, "And he took it out from his bosom, and it had returned to flesh." This implies that it had already recovered before he took it out, whereas it became afflicted only after he took it out.
4. This is because bumps and clumps of earth in a floor or road are always considered part of the domain.
5. The Gemara is unsure about the law in a case where he intended to throw an object four Amos and instead threw it eight, where it did not reach the distance he intended. (In contrast, when he intended to throw it eight Amos and it landed after only four, he at least accomplished getting it four Amos closer to his goal.)

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