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1. One is liable for carrying even if he does it with his weaker hand.
2. The Mishnah lists forms of abnormal ways of carrying.
3. Even if one carries an object while it is ten Tefachim above the ground, he is liable for carrying.
4. Even if people in a certain country normally carry items on their head, they are not liable for carrying in this manner.
5. If two people carry an item together which one of them alone could have carried, they are exempt.


1. Even though, for some Melachos (such as writing), doing a Melachah with one's weaker hand is considered an abnormal way of doing the Melachah and therefore one is not liable according to Torah law, carrying with one's weaker hand is considered a normal way to carry. In fact, even carrying with one's shoulder is considered a normal way to carry.
2. These ways include carrying something on the back of one's hand, with his foot, in his mouth, and in his armpit.
3. This is in contrast to one who throws an object in an area that is above ten Tefachim from the ground. The one who carries is liable because this is the type of carrying done by the Leviyim in the Mishkan. In contrast, throwing above ten Tefachim was not normally done.
4. This is because "normal" is determined by what is normal in the world at large. It is not determined based on each country's specific ways of carrying.
5. There is dispute about a case in which two people carry a large item that neither could have carried by himself. The Tana Kama says that they are both liable. Rebbi Shimon says that they are both exempt.

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