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1. A baby boy may be washed on the third day after his circumcision, even if it falls on Shabbos.
2. A red thread was tied onto the goat that was to be thrown off the cliff on Yom Kippur.
3. Anointing one's body with oil on Yom Kippur is considered akin to drinking.
4. Rav Ada bar Ahavah: Moshe always ascended and descended from Har Sinai early in the morning.
5. There is a dispute about when the Torah was given to Bnei Yisrael.


1. From the verse written about the men of Shechem, "And it was on the third day when they were in pain," we derive that until three days after circumcision is considered a time of danger. Therefore, washing with hot water is permitted for this purpose.
2. This is derived from the verse, "If your sins will be red like red threads, then they will become white like snow." Indeed, a miracle used to occur during the years when Bnei Yisrael were forgiven, and this thread would turn white.
3. This is implied by (but not actually derived from) the verse, "And it came like water into his insides and oil into his bones."
4. While an explicit verse states that he ascended in the early morning, an additional verse says, "Go down, and you will go up...." This teaches that we should compare his descending to his ascending. Just as Moshe Rabeinu always ascended in the morning, he also always descended in the morning.
5. Tana Kama: The Torah was given on the sixth of Sivan. Rebbi Yosi: The Torah was given on the seventh of Sivan.

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