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1. There is no exemption of Mis'asek when one derives physical pleasure from the prohibited act.
2. There is a dispute about a case in which a person who intended on Shabbos to throw an object two Amos but it traveled four Amos.
3. The Mishnah lists the 39 primary forms of labor that are forbidden on Shabbos according to Torah law.
4. If one performs many actions that are subcategories of a primary Melachah, together with the primary Melachah, he must bring only one Korban.
5. A person can easily be liable for harvesting and planting at the same time.


1. Accordingly, if one thinks he is eating permitted fat and then finds out that he ate forbidden fat, he is obligated to bring a Korban. This is in contrast to Shabbos, where, according to Rava, a person who intends to perform a permitted act and instead performs a forbidden act does not bring a Korban.
2. Rava: He is exempt, since he did not intend to throw the item four Amos in the public domain. Abaye: He is liable, since he did intend to do an act of throwing.
3. The Mishnah explicitly mentions the number 39 in order to teach that if a person would perform all of them, he would be liable to bring 39 Korbanos.
4. This is why the Beraisa states that if one performs many Melachos, such as the Melachah of pruning a tree in order to help the tree's fruit grow better, together with the Melachah of planting seeds, he is liable to bring only one Korban, since the actions that he did constitute a primary Melachah and one of its subcategories that were done together.
5. When a person cuts produce from a tree or from the ground which, as a result of the cutting, will generate a new fruit, he is liable for both planting and harvesting. The Gemara says that this is the case regarding produce used for animal food called "Shachas."

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