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1. The Mishnah and Gemara discuss going out on Shabbos with false teeth.
2. The Mishnah also states that girls who have strings or other items in their pierced ears, even if only to keep the piercing open, may go out with them on Shabbos.
3. Shmuel's father did not allow his daughters to go out with strings in their ears on Shabbos.
4. Shmuel's father did not allow his unmarried daughters to sleep together in the same bed.
5. Under certain conditions, a person may use a coin as a button on his garment on Shabbos.


1. In the Mishnah, Rebbi states that it is permitted, while the Chachamim state that it is forbidden. The Gemara says that everyone agrees that one may go out with a silver tooth. (See Rashi for various reasons for this distinction.)
2. The Mishnah permits going out with a coin tied to a wound on the bottom of one's foot.
3. This is because they used to wear colorful strings. He suspected that they might take them out of their ears to show their friends and then carry them on Shabbos.
4. This was in order that they not become used to sleeping with another body, which might interest them in sleeping with a man.
5. Using a coin as a button is permitted as long as it was properly designated before Shabbos to serve this purpose.

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