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1. The Beraisa discusses which sacks and clothes can become Tamei.
2. There is a dispute about when a Gezeirah Shavah may not be questioned.
3. When Bnei Yisrael fought against Midyan, they did not sin with the Midianite women.
4. Rav Sheshes: The Torah intentionally lists all of the jewelry of the women of Midyan in one sentence.
5. Originally, the sages understood that a woman should not put on make-up and wear colorful clothes when she is a Nidah.


1. These derivations are based primarily on two verses (Vayikra 11:32, Bamidbar 31:20) that discuss what can become Tamei (and be made Tahor).
2. One opinion is that if one of the words used in the Gezeirah Shavah is clearly open for derivation (that is, the word teaches nothing else), no question may be asked to repudiate the Gezeirah Shavah. Others argue that it still can be repudiated.
3. However, they did have illicit thoughts while they fought them, and they wanted to atone for these thoughts. They therefore dedicated all of the jewelry of the Midianite women to the Mishkan.
4. Even though the types of jewelry varied -- from external jewelry such as rings to jewelry worn in covered parts of the body, the Torah equates them to teach that a person who gazes for pleasure at the small finger of a woman is considered as though he gazed at a covered area of her body.
5. This was until Rebbi Akiva taught that the verse from which they derived this precept teaches something else. Rebbi Akiva saw that in his generation this behavior might cause people to be repulsed by their wives and lead to rampant divorce, and thus he understood that there must be another explanation to the verse (see Ya'avetz).

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