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1. It is forbidden to place a container of cold water on top of a pot of hot water (if the pot of hot water can heat the cold water to Yad Soledes Bo).
2. On Shabbos it is forbidden to directly move Muktzah items that were used to insulate food before Shabbos.
3. It is forbidden to stuff a pillow for the first time on Shabbos, since this is considered making a vessel.
4. One is not allowed to cut open a sewn collar of a shirt in order to make it wearable on Shabbos.
5. There is a dispute about the status of an earthenware oil box, a spice box, and a candlestick attached to a Kirah.


1. However, one is allowed to place a pot of boiling water on top of another pot of boiling water. Doing so does not increase the heat, but rather maintains it in a permitted manner.
2. Even though these items serve a permitted function, since their normal function is something else and they are being used only temporarily for insulation, they are still deemed Muktzah. However, if one's intention is to use them permanently to insulate food, they are not considered Muktzah.
3. However, one may return stuffing that fell out of the pillow, since it is already considered a vessel.
4. However, one may cut off the top of a barrel of food on Shabbos when the top is not an integral part of the barrel itself (but rather was attached to the barrel after the barrel was made). Since the top of the barrel is not part of the barrel (even though it is connected to it), it is not considered as though he is making a vessel.
5. Rebbi Shimon: These little vessels are considered independent from the Kirah, and they are not affected by Tum'ah which touches the Kirah. Rebbi Meir: They become Tamei if Tum'ah touches the Kirah, but not if Tum'ah is in the airspace of the Kirah.

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