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1. In some situations, one may handle a basket that contains both an item of Muktzah and a permitted item.
2. A person may remove from his living quarters anything that one deems disgusting, even if it is classified as Muktzah.
3. This leniency (#1) does not apply when the Muktzah item is more important than the permitted item.
4. One is not permitted to place a vessel full of water near candles in order to extinguish sparks that fall into the water.
5. The Mishnah lists the materials which may not be used to insulate food before Shabbos.


1. The basket is not considered a Basis l'Davar ha'Asur but rather a Basis l'Davar ha'Mutar. This is the case, for example, when a person carries a basket that contains both fruit and a rock.
2. This is similar to the allowance to remove a chamber pot filled with excrement from one's living quarters. This allowance is known as "Graf Shel Re'i."
3. The Gemara therefore says that in Galil, where broken wicks are significant, it is forbidden to carry a candelabra containing ash even through it also contains broken wicks.
4. Doing this is forbidden even before Shabbos, as a Gezeirah to prevent one from putting it near the candles on Shabbos.
5. For example, one may not use the hot remnants from an olive press to insulate food before Shabbos, because they add heat to the food. Anything that adds heat may not be used to insulate, even before Shabbos.

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