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1. There is a dispute about a person who left uncooked food on a fire before Shabbos in a forbidden manner.
2. The laws regarding an oven are stricter than those regarding a Kirah.
3. A Kirah has place for two pots, while a Kupach has place for one pot.
4. One may not place an egg next to a hot water urn on Shabbos in order to roast it.
5. The people of Teverya heated water by piping it through the hot springs of Teverya and leaving it to run throughout Shabbos.


1. Rabah and Rav Yosef: Even if he did so purposely, he is permitted to eat the food on Shabbos. Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak: Even if he did so accidentally, he is not permitted to eat the food on Shabbos.
2. This is because the heat of an oven is much greater than the heat of a Kirah. Accordingly, one is not allowed to put uncooked food on or in an oven at all before Shabbos, even if the fuel being used is straw.
3. This is why the Mishnah in Kelim (7:3) states that if a Kirah which is Tamei is split down the middle it remains Tamei (since two complete burners remain). If it is split lengthwise it become Tahor, because this splits each burner in half and they are no longer usable.
4. Similarly, he should not crack an egg over a kerchief heated by the sun in order to roast it. Rebbi Yosi argues that if the kerchief was heated by the sun, it is permitted.
5. The Mishnah states that the water that was heated up on Shabbos is forbidden for use, both for bathing and for drinking. The water heated on Yom Tov is forbidden for bathing, but permitted for drinking.

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