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1. Yehudah ben Gerim died when he was seen by Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai who said, "Is he still in the world?!"
2. A person should ask three questions in his home on Erev Shabbos, and he should do so calmly.
3. The Gemara gives many answers to an apparent contradiction in the Mishnah.
4. One may not insulate a pot (Hatmanah) that is on a fire on Shabbos, even if the insulating items do not add heat.
5. One may not insulate a pot (Hatmanah) with items that add heat, even if he does so before Shabbos.


1. Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai was upset at Yehudah ben Gerim for divulging the criticism which Rebbi Shimon had expressed about the Romans, which caused Rebbi Shimon and his son to have to go into hiding for many years.
2. These questions are: "Did you take Ma'aser from the produce?" "Did you make an Eruv (Chatzeros)?" and "Light the candles!"
3. The Mishnah states that one should ask before Bein ha'Shemashos whether his family made an Eruv. This implies that once Bein ha'Shemashos has arrived, one may not make an Eruv. However, the Mishnah continues to say that even if Bein ha'Shemashos has arrived, one may make an Eruv!
4. This is because a person who checks his pot on Shabbos might find that it has become cold, and he will try to reheat it.
5. There is a concern that if one finds that his food did not completely cook, he might use coals to insulate his pot, and then he will stoke the coals on Shabbos and desecrate a Torah prohibition.

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