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1. The Gemara discusses a wager between two men who tried to make Hillel angry.
2. The Gemara relates three stories about Nochrim who wanted to covert.
3. The Gemara discusses many questions that a person will be asked after he passes away from this world.
4. A person who has fear of Heaven is greater than a Torah scholar.
5. There are three primary sins that cause women to die during childbirth.


1. One man bet the other that he could not arouse Hillel's anger. The man proceeded to bother Hillel tremendously by asking him foolish questions while Hillel was busy preparing for Shabbos. He lost the bet; Hillel did not become angry.
2. They first went to Shamai and made outrageous demands, and Shamai refused to convert them. Hillel, however, understood that they were sincere (see Maharsha) and he worked around their outrageous demands, enabling them to convert.
3. Some of them are: Did you deal honestly? Did you set aside time for Torah study? Did you have children? Did you seek the coming of Mashi'ach?
4. A Torah scholar without fear of Heaven is compared to a custodian who has the keys to the inner sanctum, but not to the outer sanctum that leads to the inner sanctum.
5. They are: carelessness regarding the laws of Nidah, Chalah, and lighting Shabbos candles.

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