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1. It is apparent from the eulogies said about a person whether he will merit Olam ha'Ba.
2. A person should repent the day before he dies.
3. The Mishnah discusses what a person should do with his wallet if he is on the road when Shabbos arrives.
4. The Gemara explains why the Rabanan permitted one to ask a Nochri to carry the wallet on Shabbos (in #3 above).
5. The Gemara explains why it is preferable to give the wallet to a Nochri rather than to put it on a donkey.


1. If people cry and praise him, it is a sign that he will merit Olam ha'Ba.
2. Since a person does not know when he will die, he will always be repenting for sins and indeed will die a righteous person.
3. He may give his wallet to a Nochri to carry for him. If no Nochri is with him, he may put it on his donkey.
4. The Rabanan understood that a person is not likely to leave his wallet, and he might end up carrying it four Amos in Reshus ha'Rabim.
5. A person is commanded to allow his donkey to rest on Shabbos and not have it do any work for him, but he is not commanded (by Torah law) to make sure that a Nochri does no work for him.

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