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1. There is a dispute about why reading a guest-list on paper is forbidden on Shabbos.
2. One may not look at a mirror with sharp metal edges on Shabbos.
3. One may not read, on Shabbos, the captions under drawings depicting animals or people.
4. Anyone who causes another person to be punished is not entitled to closeness with Hashem.
5. The Gemara relates how Tzidkiyah was miraculously spared from being abused by Nevuchadnetzar.


1. Rav Bibi: It is forbidden because he might erase one of the names on the lists. Abaye: He might come to read business documents.
2. This is because he might see a hair that needs to be cut and use the sharp edges of the mirror to do so (before he remembers that it is Shabbos).
3. This is because we are concerned that he will come to read business documents. One is not allowed even to look at such drawings during the week if they are made for the purpose of idolatry (Tosfos).
4. This is derived from the verse, "Also a punishment caused by the righteous is not good," implying that it is bad, and the verse states, "Bad will not live with You."
5. Nevuchadnetzar, whose practice was to rape a different male every day, sought to rape Tzidkiyah. Hashem made his foreskin grow tremendously long, making him unable to carry out his evil intentions.

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