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1. One is allowed to soften straw used for fuel, in order to sleep on it, by rolling his back and shoulders on top of it.
2. A person may not wear, in Reshus ha'Rabim, a shoe that is too large for him.
3. Similarly, a woman may not go out into Reshus ha'Rabim with a torn shoe, lest she come to remove it and carry it when people mock her.
4. A parent is allowed to hold a child who wants to be held, even if the child is holding a stone (which is Muktzah).
5. If a parent carries in Reshus ha'Rabim his child who is holding a purse, he is liable for carrying.


1. One is not allowed to soften the straw with his hands, since this would constitute carrying Muktzah in a normal manner, which is prohibited.
2. This is because it might fall off and he will carry it in Reshus ha'Rabim.
3. However, if a man performs Chalitzah with a torn shoe (which covers most of his foot, -Tosfos), the Chalitzah is valid b'Di'eved.
4. This is because Chazal did not forbid carrying a child who is holding Muktzah, even though the adult is considered to be carrying Muktzah (to a lesser degree, -Tosfos), when the child would be upset if the parent does not carry him while he is carrying the stone.
5. He is liable for carrying the purse, which is not considered part of the child. He is not liable for carrying the child, since "a living being carries itself."

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