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1. Soaking a Chiltis (an herb which is soaked and used for medicinal purposes) in warm water is forbidden on Shabbos.
2. However, one may put the Chiltis herb in food.
3. Rav Chisda advised that if one has only a small amount of bread, he should eat it all at once.
4. Rav Chisda gave his daughters guidelines for conduct during marriage.
5. There is a dispute about whether one is allowed to move the contents of an animal's trough in order to refill it with fresh food.


1. This is because of the decree that one may come to grind herbs in order to make medicine on Shabbos.
2. Since Chiltis was commonly eaten as food and not as medicine, one may place it in food and eat the food on Shabbos.
3. Eating small amounts of bread at a time will not satiate him. He should eat the entire amount at once in order to feel full.
4. For example, he told them that they should not eat vegetables at night since they cause bad breath, and they should not eat dates and beer at night since they cause gas.
5. Everyone agrees that one may not sweep away food that was on the ground, because of the concern that the person will come to smooth out the floor. They disagree about moving animal food that is in a vessel. Rebbi Dosa says that one is permitted to remove it if it is in a vessel. The Rabanan say that one may not remove it even from a vessel, lest he come to smooth out the floor when the food is put on the floor.

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