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1. Grain and produce may be moved from the storehouse only if one started to use it before Shabbos.
2. Even if the grain and produce is stored, one may move it aside with his legs.
3. The Mishnah does not mean that one may move only four or five bundles.
4. The Gemara relates the importance of the Mitzvah to host guests.
5. There are two lists of six Mitzvos each that give a person some reward in this world, but their main reward is in the World to Come.


1. In other words, it was not stored away to be used at a later date, but rather it was stored in such a way that it is accessible whenever one needs to bring out a little food. If it was stored away to be used at a much later date, it is Muktzah.
2. Kicking is not considered moving Muktzah in a normal manner, and therefore it is permitted.
3. As many bundles as needed may be removed as long as the space they are taking up is required for guests.
4. Rebbi Yochanan: It is equal to being the first one in the Beis Midrash. Rav Dimi: It is greater than coming early to the Beis Midrash. Rav: It is greater than greeting the Shechinah.
5. The Gemara explains that one is in a Mishnah and the other is stated by Rebbi Yochanan. Although each list seems to contain different Mitzvos, each list in fact is included by the other list. For example, "having guests and visiting the sick" mentioned in one list is included in "acts of kindness" in the other list.

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