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1. Abaye would make a festive meal when one of his students finished a Maseches.
2. Mar bar Rav Ashi had a tremendous love for Torah scholars.
3. The Amora'im would personally involve themselves in the preparations for Shabbos.
4. The Gemara relates the famous story of "Yosef Mokir Shabbos."
5. The Gemara explains why rich people in Eretz Yisrael, Bavel, and other places are indeed rich.


1. He would make the meal for the entire student body of his Yeshiva (he was the Rosh Yeshiva).
2. He loved them to the point that he would not judge a case involving a Torah scholar. He reasoned that since he loved them like himself, he would have difficulty finding fault with anything they have done, just as person has difficulty finding fault with himself.
3. For example, Rava would salt a Shibuta fish, Rav Huna would prepare candles, and Rav Chisda would cut beets for Shabbos.
4. Since Yosef would always give great honor to Shabbos, fishmongers would bring him fish so that he would buy fish from them to use on Shabbos. Late one Erev Shabbos they brought him a fish to buy and he indeed bought it. After slicing it open he discovered that it contained a tremendously valuable diamond, which made him very rich.
5. The wealthy people in Eretz Yisrael separate Ma'aser from their produce, and those in Bavel honor the Torah. The wealthy people in other places are wealthy because they honor the Shabbos.

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