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1. More skill was involved in the making of the upper curtains than the lower curtains of the Mishkan.
2. In order to have the status of a Reshus ha'Rabim, a public domain must be at least sixteen Amos wide.
3. A ten-Tefach high wall around a well, or the walls of a pit ten-Tefach deep, create a Reshus ha'Yachid, provided that the walls surround an area that is at least four by four Tefachim.
4. Accordingly, one may not take water from such a well (see #3) in Reshus ha'Rabim.
5. Rebbi Yochanan is in doubt about whether one may create a domain by putting an object down, and thereby become liable for carrying.


1. The lower curtains were sewn normally. The upper curtains were sewn directly from the wool while it was on the goats.
2. This is derived from the fact that the wagons of the Mishkan traveled side by side. Each wagon was five Amos wide, with a five-Amah-wide space between them. On the two outer sides, there was a small space (each a half Amah) for a Levi to stand next to the wagon to ensure that no beams fell off of the wagons, and to help organize the beams. Hence, the wagons took up a total width of sixteen Amos.
3. Using the lip of the pit or well is considered like using a private domain. Therefore, it is forbidden to carry something from Reshus ha'Rabim and place it onto the lip of the well.
4. However, if a person makes walls of ten Tefachim around the well before Shabbos, he may do so because he has made the area around the well into a Reshus ha'Yachid. Alternatively, he may put his head and most of his body into the well and drink, taking care not to bring the water out of the well.
5. Do we say that the carrying can be done in a way that it completes the domain and his act is considered carrying into a new domain to make him liable for carrying, or not?

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