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1. The Mishnah states that a person may not go out on Shabbos with a single sandal unless he has an injury.
2. The Gemara discusses the correct method for putting on shoes.
3. The Gemara similarly says that one should take off his left shoe before his right shoe.
4. The Gemara clarifies the Mishnah's statement that one may not go out with an amulet on Shabbos.
5. The Gemara discusses at length how writers of amulets achieve a status of "expert."


1. Rav Huna: The case is where he wears a sandal on his injured foot, and his other foot does not require any footwear. Chiya bar Rav: The case is where he wears a sandal for comfort on his healthy foot, and he cannot wear one on his injured foot because it causes him discomfort.
2. One should put on the right shoe without tying it, then put on the left shoe and tie it, and then tie his right shoe.
3. When washing one's entire body, the head should be washed first, since it is the "king" of all of his limbs.
4. The Mishnah says that this refers to an amulet that was not written by an expert. The Gemara infers from the Mishnah that as long as the amulet was written by an expert amulet writer, one wear it, even if it is not the type of amulet that has healed people previously.
5. The Gemara is unsure about whether a person who writes three different amulets for one person which are all effective is considered an expert. The doubt is whether the three different successful amulets make the writer an expert, or whether the "patient" is merely someone whose Mazal does well with amulets.

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