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1. A donkey may go out on Shabbos with its blanket, provided that it was tied on to the donkey before Shabbos.
2. A donkey may not go out with a wooden frame that helps it carry loads, even if it was tied to the donkey before Shabbos.
3. There is a dispute about whether one is allowed to hang a food bag containing animal food on his donkey's neck on Shabbos.
4. Amulets are more likely to help people than animals.
5. A woman died, leaving a penniless widower and a baby. A miracle happened and the widower was able to nurse his baby from his own breast.


1. One may not merely place the blanket on the donkey without tying it, since it might fall off and the owner might then carry it in the public domain.
2. Since the frame is solely for the purpose of carrying loads, it is considered something the donkey is carrying and therefore is forbidden.
3. Rav: It is permitted, since its purpose is to allow the animal to eat well. Shmuel: It is prohibited, since it is unnecessary. The donkey can simply bend down and get the food.
4. This is because the "Mazal" of a person also helps him, and together with the power of the amulet it can be very helpful. An animal has no "Mazal."
5. Rav Yosef: This man must have been extremely righteous to deserve such a miracle. Abaye: The man must have been very bad, since he did not merit income to hire a nursemaid, but rather Hashem had to change the order of creation for him.

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