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1. The structures in a city should not be taller than its synagogues.
2. Fasting on the day immediately after one has had a bad dream is very helpful.
3. While Torah learning is of utmost importance, it must be interrupted for saying Shema and prayer.
4. The Mishnah says that certain workers should not carry the tools of their trade close to nightfall on Erev Shabbos.
5. A person should not stand in a private domain and drink in a public domain, or vice versa.


1. This is derived from the verse, "To raise the house of our G-d."
2. One may even do so on Shabbos. The Gemara mentions that Rebbi Yehoshua, the son of Rav Idi, was not willing to delay the fast for his dream to another day, even when fasting on that day was very inconvenient for him.
3. If one is like Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai who was always learning, he must interrupt his learning only for Keri'as Shema, but not for prayer. At certain times when the Sages were dealing with the complicated calculations of establishing a leap year, they did not interrupt for Keri'as Shema or prayer.
4. A tailor should not wear his needle and a scribe should not wear his quill when going out before Shabbos, lest they carry them on Shabbos.
5. This is because he might forget and carry the drink into the other domain. However, if he puts his head and most of his body into the other domain, it is permitted. Abaye and Rava disagree about whether this applies even when the public domain in this case is a Karmelis. Abaye says that it applies, and Rava says that it does not apply, since it would be "a decree for a decree."

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