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A Sotah is punished in the same fashion that she sinned.
A Sotah sinned in private and Hashem Yisbarach publicizes it.
The three Kosos in the dream of the Sar ha'Mashkim represent the three generations of Egyptians that were punished. (1)
Hashem Yisbarach does not punish a king until it is time for his elimination.
Hashem Yisbarach does not punish a person until the entire measure of Aveiros is filled.
When the Beis ha'Mikdash was built the Ohel Moed was put away under the ground.
A Sotah put her eyes on someone who was not fit for her, what she wanted she did not get and what she had was taken from her.
The Nachash put his eyes on someone who was not fit for her, what he wanted he did not get and what he had was taken from him. (2)
The Torah curses the thigh of the Sotah first, however her stomach is punished first since that is the first place that the water goes.
Shimshon followed his eyes and therefore the Pelishtim poked out his eyes.
Avshalom took pride in his hair and therefore he was hung by his hair.
Miryam waited for her brother for a moment and therefore Klal Yisrael waited 7 days in the Midbar for her.
Yosef was the greatest of the brothers and he buried his father therefore he merited to be buried by Moshe Rabeinu who was the greatest of the generation. (3)
The beginning of the spiritual downfall of Shimshon was in Azah and therefore he was punished in Azah.
Abaye says that Delilah knew that Shimshon was saying the truth because he uttered the name of Hashem. (4)
The Mal'ach prohibited Shimshon from eating and drinking things that are prohibited to a Nazir.
Shimshon uprooted the two mountains of Tzera'a and Eshata'el and ground them into each other.


1. The first time was at the time of Moshe, the second time was at the time of Pharaoh Necho and the third time will be at the time of Mashiach when Mitzrayim will be punished along with other nations.
2. He wanted to kill Adam and marry Chavah.
3. Moshe Rabeinu merited to be buried by Hashem Yisbarach.
4. She knew that he would not utter the name of Hashem in vain.


The Nachash wanted that Adam would die and he would marry Chavah. If the Nachash thought that the punishment for eating from the Etz ha'Da'as was death why did he think that Chavah would survive and only Adam would die? The Maharsha answers that the Nachash thought that since the commandment not to eat from the Etz ha'Da'as preceded the creation of Chavah the prohibition only applied to Adam and not to Chavah.


A pregnant Egyptian who is Misgayer her son is a Sheni. A Mitzri Sheni who marries a Mitzri Rishon or vice versa, the child that is born is a Sheni. A Ger Amoni who marries a Mitzris the child is an Amoni. A Ger Mitzri who marries an Amonis the child is a Mitzri. The rule is that with regards to Nochris the child follows the father and when they are Megayer the child follows the least. (Rambam Hilchos Isurei Bi'ah 12:19,20)

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