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Miryam prophesized that her mother would give birth to a child that would in the future save Klal Yisrael.
When Moshe was born the entire house was filled with light.
When Yakov was taken out to be buried, Bnei Esav, Keturah and Yishmael went out to go to war with the Shevatim. (1)
Esav attempted to stop them from burying Yakov in the Me'aras ha'Machpeilah. (2)
Naftali ran back to Mitzrayim to get the sale document that proved that Esav sold his portion of the Me'aras ha'Machpeilah.
Chushim ben Dan killed Esav.
While all of Klal Yisrael was busy looting Mitzrayim Moshe Rabeinu was busy with the Mitzvah of taking the Aron of Yosef out of Mitzrayim.
Serach bas Asher told Moshe that the Aron of Yosef was placed in the Nile.
According to Rebbi Nasan the Aron of Yosef was placed in the cemetery of the kings of Mitzrayim.
The Aron of Yosef traveled next to the Aron of the Shechinah in the Midbar.
Yosef was buried in Shechem because that was the place that he was stolen from his brothers.
If one person starts a Mitzvah and a second person completes it the Mitzvah is called after the one who completes it.
Yosef died before his brothers because he acted b'Rabanus.
Hashem Yisbarach completes the years of Tzadikim from day to day and month to month.
Moshe Rabeinu retained his vigor until his last day. (3)
The last Shabbos of the life of Moshe Rabeinu was the beginning of the reign of Yehoshua Bin Nun.
Moshe Rabeinu died in the portion of Reuven and was buried in the portion of Gad.


1. When they saw the crown of Yosef hung on the Aron of Yakov they all took out their crowns and hung them on the Aron.
2. He claimed that Yakov buried Leah in his portion of the Me'aras ha'Machpeilah and the remaining portion belonged to him.
3. However on the last day of his life the gates of wisdom were closed to him.


Esav said to the Shevatim that even though he sold his Bechorah to Yakov he only sold the portion of the Bechorah but not the regular portion. Why was it so important for Esav to be buried in the Me'aras ha'Machpeilah?. The Keren Orah answers in the name of the Zohar that Leah was destined to be the wife of Esav but her Tefilos were answered and she instead merited to marry Yakov. Since Esav did not merit marrying Leah in his lifetime he wanted to merit to be buried next to her instead.


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