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1. Ze'iri: The amount of sourdough that is forbidden to be put on the Mizbe'ach can be partially comprised of permitted dough as well.
2. Ze'iri and Rebbi Eliezer agree that the same law applies regarding Chametz on Pesach.
3. Abaye: One does not even need the amount of a k'Zayis in order to be liable for burning sourdough on the Mizbe'ach.
4. The Gemara discusses whether the amount of "Kedei Achilas Peras" used in Torah amounts is a Torah or a Rabbinic concept.
5. The Gemara concludes that if we are unsure about whether a mixture may have Rabbinically-forbidden contents, we are often lenient.


1. Just as we stated regarding Nazir that the bread a Nazir dips into his wine can combine with the wine to make a forbidden amount of grape product, sourdough can combine with permitted dough to make the amount forbidden to be placed on the Mizbe'ach.
2. A mixture of Chametz and unleavened dough is forbidden on Pesach according to Torah law, even if the amount of actual Chametz is less than the amount required to transgress the Torah prohibition.
3. Unlike Ze'iri (#1) who maintains that a k'Zayis is needed but it can be comprised of permitted dough, Abaye says that in order to transgress burning sourdough on the Mizbe'ach any amount suffices, as even a small amount is a significant act of burning on the Mizbe'ach.
4. This measure is commonly used to refer to how fast one must eat something in order for the entire amount to be considered one act of eating (such as a k'Zayis). The Gemara here uses this measure to determine whether a mixture has the status of Terumah or not. If the mixture contains enough Terumah such that a person would eat a k'Zayis of the Terumah bi'Chdei Achilas Peras, then the mixture is considered Terumah.
5. For example, the Gemara says that if two spice containers, one of Terumah and one of Chulin, fell into two pots, one containing Terumah and one containing Chulin, and we are unsure about which fell into which, we may presume that the Chulin fell into the Chulin and the Terumah fell into the Terumah. The Gemara concludes that even though this may not actually have happened, if it is Terumah mid'Rabanan we do not worry about the chance that the Terumah fell into the Chulin.


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