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1. The Gemara discusses a person who says he is a Nazir if there is a certain amount of grain in a pile, and he then finds that the pile has been stolen.
2. The Mishnah seems to discuss a single person who says he is a Nazir on condition that a "Koy" is a domesticated or undomesticated animal.
3. There is one opinion in the Gemara that this Mishnah is referring to one person, and he is obligated to have nine periods of Nezirus.
4. Another opinion states that this refers to nine separate people who are each making one conditional pledge.
5. There are three primary prohibitions for a Nazir.


1. Rebbi Yehudah: He is not a Nazir. It is not certain that the person's condition was valid (as we cannot measure how much was indeed in the pile), so we do not say he is a Nazir. Rebbi Shimon: He is forbidden from the things a Nazir is forbidden from, as it is possible that his condition was met.
2. The Mishnah lists six cases of a person who says he is a Nazir if a Koy is (1) a domesticated animal, (2) an undomesticated animal, (3) both, (4) neither, (5) not domesticated (5), or (6) not undomesticated. Even though it is unclear what exactly a Koy is, the Mishnah says that this person is a Nazir.
3. This opinion understands that not only is he obligated to have six periods of Nezirus for the six cases above (see #2), but he is also obligated for three additional vows that he makes. They are that he is a Nazir whether or not this animal is domesticated (7), whether or not it is undomesticated (8), and whether or not it is deemed both domesticated and undomesticated (9).
4. This means that nine separate people are making the pledges listed above (in #2 and #3).
5. He may not become Tamei to a dead person, he may not shave or cut the hair on his head, and he may not consume grapes or grape products.


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