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If Kohanim are Mefagel a Korban b'Mezid they are obligated to pay the owner.
If they are Mefagel a Korban b'Shogeg they are Patur, but the Korban is Pasul.
Korbanos may not be brought without the knowledge of their owners with the exception of Mechusrei Kaparah.
A father may bring Korbanos of a Zav for his son who is a Katan.
A person may bring a Korban Yoledes for his wife who is a Shotah.
If a person separates a Korban Chatas for his friend it is not effective.
If someone eats Chelev and after he separates a Korban he becomes a Shoteh, he is Patur from the Korban Chatas even if he subsequently gets better.
A person may separate a Korban Pesach for his children but not for his friend. (1)
If a person tells his children that he is slaughtering the Korban Pesach for whoever is the first to reach Yerushalayim, the one who is first is Zocheh in the Korban for all of them.
If a person says that anyone who wants to separate Terumah may do so, the Torem is not regarded as his Shali'ach.
If someone is Makdish an animal for his friend's Korban if he redeems it he must pay an extra fifth. (2)
If someone is Makdish an animal for his friend's Korban, only a Temurah from the owner of the Korban is effective. (3)
If a person separated Terumah for his friend from his own grain it is his right to give it to the Kohen of his choice.


1. Min ha'Torah a child may not be appointed on the Korban Pesach; however since he is a Katan he may eat from the Korban Pesach even though he is not included.
2. When the owner of a Korban redeems his animal he must add a fifth but if a non-owner redeems Hekdesh he does not have to add a fifth. In this case the Makdish must add a fifth even though he is not the owner.
3. Only a Temurah from the owner of a Korban is effective. If the Makdish makes a Temurah from the Korban it is not effective.


The Gemara says that Seh l'Beis Avos is not mid'Oraisa. The Chasam Sofer says that according to the Rosh and Ran although mid'Oraisa a child cannot be appointed on the Korban Pesach, it is a Mitzvah mid'Oraisa to give the children a k'Zayis from the Korban Pesach. The Torah commands us to give the child from the Korban Pesach without appointing him on it. However Tosfos holds that it is a Reshus (non-mandatory) for a Katan to eat from the Korban Pesach.


If Reuven prohibited himself from having any benefit from Shimon, if Shimon is a Kohen he may bring the Korbanos of Reuven because Kohanim are the Sheluchim of Shamayim and they are not the Sheluchim of the owner of the Korban. Shimon may separate Terumah and Ma'aser for Reuven if Reuven says that anyone who wants to separate Terumah shall do so. However Reuven shall not instruct Shimon to separate the Terumah or Ma'aser for him because he is appointing him as a Shali'ach and is thus receiving a benefit from him. (Rambam Hilchos Nedarim 6:5, 6)

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