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Although Moshe Rabeinu was justified in delaying the Bris Milah of his son, he was punished for occupying himself with his lodgings first.
The Satan was trying to kill the son of Moshe not Moshe Rabeinu himself.
Avraham Avinu was only referred to as a Tamim after his Bris Milah.
The Mitzvah of the Bris Milah is equal to all of the Mitzvos of the Torah.
Rebbi Elazar says that if it was not for the Torah, heaven and earth would not endure.
Klal Yisrael is not under the auspices of the Mazal.
A person that is not superstitious is allowed within the Mechitzah of Hashem Yisbarach where even the Malachei ha'Shares are not allowed in.
Avraham Avinu was punished with his descendants' enslavement in Mitzrayim because he used Talmidei Chachamim when he went to war. (1)
Avraham Avinu was three years old when he became aware of his Creator.
The numerical value of the Satan is 364. (2)
At first Avraham Avinu ruled over 243 limbs and eventually he ruled over all of his 248 limbs.
Originally Hashem Yisbarach wanted that the Kohen Gadol will descend from Shem, however when Shem preceded the blessing of Avraham to the blessing of Hashem it was taken away from him. (3)
A Neder that a person cannot have a food benefit from him includes all benefits other than trespassing and borrowing utensils that are not used for the preparation of food. (4)
Rebbi Elazar holds that if someone vows not to allow someone to benefit from him the Neder includes small items that a seller usually allows a buyer to take. (5)


1. Shmuel says that he was punished because he questioned the Midos of Hashem Yisbarach when he asked "How will I know that I will inherit it?" Rebbi Yochanan says he was punished because he withheld people from entering under the wings of the Shechinah.
2. The Satan is given carte blanche every day of the year except Yom Kippur.
3. It was given instead to Avraham Avinu. Even though Avraham Avinu is a descendant of Shem he did not merit the Kehunah Gedolah from Shem, instead he merited it with his own Zechus.
4. Utensils that are not used in the preparation of foods are only permitted if they are not usually rented out.
5. Rebbi Elazar holds that it is also forbidden for him to trespass through his property even though people normally are not Makpid about it.


Although Moshe Rabeinu was justified for delaying the Bris Milah of his son, he was punished for occupying himself with his lodgings first. Why was Moshe Rabeinu punished for occupying himself with his lodging? He still was on the road and had not yet reached Mitzrayim so it was still dangerous for the child to be circumcised! The answer is that they were very close to Mitzrayim and for such a short trip it was not dangerous for the child. (Rosh, Ran, Mizrachi)


The Rishonim say that the shade of the moon on the night of Hoshana Rabah indicates a person's destiny for the coming year. Some opinions hold that a person should not make an issue out of it because of the concern that it may affect the person's Mazal and many people do not understand the concept properly. It is better to be a Tamim and not to look into the future. (Shulchan Aruch OC 664:1)

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