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If a Kesuvah was not yet written, it is permitted to give Metaltelin (mobile property) to the Kalah as collateral for the Kesuvah on Shabbos.
Rav Papa permitted a Chasan to do Bi'as Mitzvah on Yom Tov, but not on Shabbos. (1)
It is forbidden to burn incense on Yom Tov, because it is something that is needed only by the pampered.
It is permitted to slaughter a deer on Yom Tov.
If a person makes a vow in Chutz la'Aretz to be a Nazir, and after the Nezirus is completed he goes to Eretz Yisrael, he must start the Nezirus again.
Rebbi: If the majority of the spinal cord is severed, the animal is a Tereifah. Rebbi Yakov: Even if the spinal cord is only perforated, it is a Tereifah.
Both the marriage of a Besulah and of a Bachur who marries a widow require Birchas Chasanim for seven days. (2)
Birchas Chasanim requires a Minyan of men.
Even unborn children in their mother's stomach said Shirah at the Yam Suf.
The prohibition of a Moabite and Amonite convert to marry into Klal Yisrael applies only to the males, but not to the females.
The Halachah dictates that a Kinyan for an unborn fetus is not a valid Kinyan.
The Birchas Chasanim is recited at the time of the Nisu'in, but Rebbi Yehudah says that it may also be said at the time of the Eirusin. (3)
The Birchas Eirusin is recited at the time of the Eirusin.
Amora'im disagree about whether the Birchas Eirusin has a Chasimah (i.e., ends with "Baruch Atah..."). (4)
The Birchas Chasanim is recited for seven days, but only if there are new people present ("Panim Chadashos").


1. Since making a wound (Shechitah) on Yom Tov is permitted for the purpose of food preparation, it is also permitted for other purposes.
2. A widower who marries a widow requires Birchas Chasanim for one day.
3. In Yehudah, they say the Birchas Chasanim at the time of the Eirusin, because the Chasan and Kalah went into seclusion and "a Kalah without a Berachah is forbidden to her husband like a Nidah."
4. The opinion that says that it does not have a Chasimah compares it to a Berachah for a Mitzvah, which does not require a Chasimah, as it is one long statement of thanks to Hashem with no interruption in the middle. The opinion that says that it requires a Chasimah maintains that it is a Berachah of Kedushah, similar to Kidush. Just as Kidush requires a Chasimah, so does Birchas Eirusin. Even though the reason why Kidush requires a Chasimah is that the Lashon of Kidush is interrupted in the middle with other things and Birchas Eirusin is not interrupted with other things, since it has the a wording of Kedushah like Kidush it also has a Chasimah like Kidush.


The Gemara concludes that the Halachah is that it is permitted to perform the Bi'as Mitzvah on Shabbos. The Rambam says that even though the Bi'as Mitzvah is permitted, it is forbidden to have the wedding on Erev Shabbos or on Shabbos because of the concern that people will forget and slaughter a bird on Shabbos for the wedding feast. However, the Minhag in the time of the Rishonim was to have weddings on Erev Shabbos. The Ramban says that although the Minhag is not consistent with the Halachah, the Chachamim did not protest since the Isur is mid'Rabanan. However, the Rif maintains that since the Gemara permits the Bi'as Mitzvah on Shabbos, the wedding also may be on Shabbos and we are not concerned for the possibility that someone will forget and slaughter a bird on Shabbos.


If the husband is unable to write a Kesuvah, such as on Shabbos, or if he forgot to write her a Kesuvah (and he already was in seclusion with her), he may give her Metaltelin objects in the value of the Kesuvah and accept responsibility if they are lost or they decrease in value until he has a chance to write the Kesuvah.
The Ran asks, why is he permitted to give her Metaltelin on Shabbos it is forbidden to make a Kinyan on Shabbos? The Ran answers that since it is not given to her publicly and it is for the purpose of a Mitzvah, it is permitted. Alternately, he gave her the Metaltelin prior to Shabbos, but he had only enough time to give her Metaltelin but not enough time to write her a Kesuvah. (Chelkas Mechokek)

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