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Shmuel says the Halachos of mourning always follows the lenient opinion.
It is permitted to cut both the fingernails and toenails on Chol ha'Mo'ed and during the mourning period, however a nail cutter may not be used.
A person that tosses his fingernails is a Rasha. (1)
It is permitted to shave a mustache on Chol ha'Mo'ed.
If a person owns only one shirt he may wash it on Chol ha'Mo'ed.
Linen clothing may be washed on Chol ha'Mo'ed.
Certain types of documents are permitted to be written on Chol ha'Mo'ed.
Shmuel says it is permitted to do an Erusin (betrothal) on Chol ha'Mo'ed lest someone else beats you to her by means of prayer. (2)
The concept that a person's mate is from Hashem is found in the Torah, Nevi'im and Kesuvim.
A person is never persistently suspected of something unless he is guilty of it to some extent. (3)


1. It is forbidden to toss fingernails because of the possibility that a pregnant woman will step on them and it may cause her to miscarry. However once the fingernails have been moved from one place too another it no longer has the potential to cause a miscarriage.
2. Although it is permitted to betroth on Chol ha'Mo'ed, it is forbidden to celebrate it with a festive meal.
3. If a person is suspected of something he must have either done it at least partially, or contemplated doing it, or was glad when he saw others doing it.


Shmuel says that it is permitted to do an Erusin (betrothal) on Chol ha'Mo'ed lest someone else beat you to her. Why is that reason necessary to permit a betrothal on Chol ha'Mo'ed? The Gemara said earlier that the prohibition of marriage is because it is forbidden to mix the Simchah (happiness) of marriage with the Simchah of Yom Tov. (The Gemara also gave other reasons.) There is only Simchah with Erusin not with Erusin (marriage). The answer is if it wasn't for the reason that someone else may beat you to her, it would have been prohibited with a Gezera (decree) that it may lead to doing a Nisu'in on Chol ha'Mo'ed. Alternatively it would otherwise be prohibited because it is similar to engaging in commerce which is prohibited on Chol ha'Mo'ed. (Ritva, Keren Orah)


It is permitted to cut both fingernails and toe nails on Chol ha'Mo'ed even with a scissors. However there are some opinions that prohibit cutting them with a scissors or a knife. The Minhag is to be stringent unless a woman is cutting them for the purpose of a Tevilas Mitzvah. (Shulchan Aruch OC 532:1)
The stringent opinions hold that the prohibition to cut hair applies to cutting nails as well because the concern of pushing it off until Chol ha'Mo'ed applies to cutting nails also. All of the circumstances that allows a person to cut hair on Chol ha'Mo'ed applies also to cutting nails and if one cut his nails before the Moed he may cut them again on Chol ha'Mo'ed. (Mishnah Berurah)

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