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MEGILAH 17 (6 Adar) - dedicated by the Feldman family in memory of their father, the Tzadik Harav Yisrael Azriel ben Harav Chaim (Feldman) of Milwaukee.


1. Yakov Avinu learned for 14 years in Yeshivas Shem v'Ever before going to Lavan's house.
2. One does not fulfill the Mitzvah of reading the Megilah by reading it backwards.
3. There are many opinions regarding the source for this law (#2).
4. Hallel, Keri'as Shema, and Shemoneh Esreh must also be recited in order.
5. There is a dispute about whether Keri'as Shema may be said in any language.


1. The Gemara calculates the years of Yakov's life and determines that there are 14 years unaccounted for. The Gemara quotes a Beraisa that says that he learned for these 14 years in Yeshivas Shem v'Ever before he went to Lavan.
2. This is true not only if he reads the words backwards, but also if he reads verses that appear later in the Megilah before verses that appear earlier in the Megilah.
3. One source is the verse, "Like their writings, like their times." Just as time goes only forward and the fifteenth of a month is never before the fourteenth, the writings of the Megilah must be read in order.
4. The Gemara quotes various sources for these laws. For example, regarding Hallel the verse states, "The sun from the east until it sets," implying that the order must be kept.
5. Rebbi: It must be read only in Hebrew. Chachamim: It may be read in any language.

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