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1. Achashverosh instructed Haman to honor Mordechai in many ways.
2. Esther plotted to ensure that Haman himself would have to give Mordechai a haircut.
3. Haman used to give haircuts professionally.
4. Achashverosh was furious with Haman when Esther revealed that Haman had decreed to kill her nation.
5. The names of the ten sons of Haman who were hanged are supposed to be read in one breath.


1. Achashverosh instructed Haman to dress Mordechai in the king's clothing, mount him on a horse, and lead him through the city saying, "So will be done to the man whom the king wants to honor!" The Gemara adds that when Haman protested that it would be enough to pay back Mordechai's good deed by giving him a village or the rights to collect travel taxes, Achashverosh instructed Haman to give Mordechai these things as well.
2. As Mordechai had been fasting, he had not taken a haircut in a while, so he needed a haircut before the royal honor would be bestowed upon him. Esther made sure that all of the barbershops were closed when Haman went to get Mordechai, ensuring that Haman would have to give Mordechai a haircut himself.
3. Haman was the barber of the village of Kartzom for 22 years before he started his political career.
4. When an angry Achashverosh came back from his walk in his garden in an attempt to calm himself, a Mal'ach made matters even worse for Haman by pushing him onto Esther's couch in a manner which appeared as though Haman was trying to seduce Esther. This infuriated Achashverosh, who soon after gave the order to hang Haman.
5. This is done to allude to the fact that they all died in the same instant.

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