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1. The Gemara explains that Haman's plan to destroy the Jews appealed to Achashverosh.
2. Achashverosh's removal his ring to sign Haman's decree did more to cause the Jews to repent than all of the admonitions of the prophets.
3. 48 prophets and 7 prophetesses prophesized for Bnei Yisrael.
4. Chuldah the prophetess was a relative of Yirmeyahu.
5. Yehoshua married Rachav, the woman from Yericho who converted to Judaism.


1. The Gemara likens this to a person who needs soil to fill a ditch who meets a person who needs to get rid of excess soil. When these people meet and the owner of the ditch asks the owner of the dirt to sell him his dirt, the owner of the dirt replies, "I would be happy if you would take it for free!"
2. The prophets were not successful in getting Yisrael to sincerely do Teshuvah as much as the action of Achashverosh, which motivated them to fast and repent.
3. While there were thousands of people who had prophecy, only 48 men and 7 women's prophesies to Bnei Yisrael were written down as part of the Torah.
4. Although Yirmeyahu was a greater prophet, he did not object that people went to Chuldah instead of to him, as she was his relative. The reason why people, including King Yoshiyahu, sometimes went to her instead of to Yirmeyahu was because women are naturally more mercifully inclined towards people's predicaments.
5. They had only daughters. Among their descendants were eight Kohanim who were also prophets.

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