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1. The Gemara says that days of rain are greater than, or as great as, the rising of the dead, or when the Torah was given.
2. If someone learns Torah with proper intent, it becomes a medicine of life for him.
3. The way to grow in Torah study is to discuss one's Torah learning with others.
4. Rebbi Chanina discusses his teachers, friends, and students.
5. The Gemara cites various reasons that cause rains to be withheld.


1. One reason is that the rising of the dead will be only for the righteous, whereas the rain affects everyone, even those who are not righteous.
2. If one learns Torah in order to scorn people with his Torah knowledge, it becomes poison for him.
3. If one does not discuss his Torah learning with others, he may end up becoming more ignorant (as he will not understand the proper intent of what he is studying, and nobody will correct him).
4. He says that he learned much from his teachers, from his friends more than from his teachers, and from his students more than from all of them.
5. For example, the rains are withheld on account of people who are not following the laws of Terumos and Ma'aseros, and people who [often] speak Lashon ha'Ra.

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