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BERACHOS 62 - Rabbi Eliezer Chrysler has sponsored the Kollel's study material for this Daf in honor of the memory of his parents, Mordechai ben Yitzchak Z'L and Rus bas Shlomo Z'L.


1. A person should not clean himself in the bathroom with his right hand.
2. When giving a eulogy, one should not say praises about the deceased that are inaccurate.
3. A person who refrains from going to the bathroom when he has the urge to do so is putting himself in danger.
4. Shaul ha'Melech acted with modesty when he went to the bathroom.
5. If someone enters a synagogue to pray, he may leave through a different exit even though it is a shortcut to his destination.


1. Many reasons are given for this. One of them is that the Torah was given with the "right hand" of Hashem, as the verse states, "mi'Yemino Esh Das Lamo."
2. Rav Nachman protested such a eulogy when the person giving it had no way of knowing whether what he was saying was accurate. The Gemara explains that Rav Nachman protested because the lack of such protest would have meant that everyone present who acted as though the eulogy was accurate would have been punished.
3. The Gemara relates how Rebbi Elazar was kicked out of the bathroom by a Nochri, who was then fatally bitten by a snake in the bathroom. (This incident teaches not only the merit of Rebbi Elazar, but perhaps also the consequences of forcing someone to leave the bathroom when he is in the process of relieving himself.)
4. After David clandestinely cut off a piece of Shaul's cloak to keep as a sign that he could have killed him, he told Shaul that although he had the right to kill him he did not do so due (at least in part) to Shaul's modesty.
5. Although one is not permitted to use a synagogue as a shortcut, if he entered the synagogue to pray he may leave through a second doorway (according to the Gra, it is a Mitzvah to do so), even though this will enable him to reach his destination more quickly.

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