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BERACHOS 2-3 - The first two Dafim in Shas, the start of the 12th Dafyomi cycle, have been dedicated anonymously by a reader in Switzerland.


1. Rebbi Yosi learned three things from the fact that Eliyahu ha'Navi rebuked him for praying in a ruin.
2. Hashem laments three times each day: "Woe to My sons that due to their sins I destroyed My house, burned My sanctuary, and exiled them among the nations."
3. The Beraisa lists three reasons for why one should not enter a ruin.
4. There is a dispute about what one may say can be said in the presence of a dead person.
5. David ha'Melech would wake up at Chatzos every night in order to learn Torah until Alos ha'Shachar.


1. They were: One should not enter a ruin, one may pray on the road, and if one prays on the road he may say a shortened prayer.
2. In addition, when Bnei Yisrael respond "Yehei Shmei Rabah" when they pray, Hashem says, "Praised is the King Who they praise him in His house (the Beis ha'Mikdash) in this manner…. "
3. They are: A person seeing him enter the ruin might suspect that he has improper dealings there, there is a danger that the wall might fall on him, and he might be attacked by demons.
4. The first version of Rebbi Aba bar Kahana's statement is that one may not speak in Torah learning unrelated to the dead person (i.e. unrelated to eulogizing him or taking care of him), but he may talk about mundane things (even unrelated to taking care of the deceased). The second version is that one may not even talk about mundane things near the dead person.
5. There was a harp over his bed. At midnight the north wind would blow and cause the harp to play. David would awaken and start learning until dawn.

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