[93a - 35 lines; 93b - 37 lines]

1)[line 1]עסיקיןASIKIN- protesters [claiming that they had a lien on the field for a loan given to Reuven or that the field does not belong to Reuven]

2a)[line 3]חייתא דקיטרי סברת וקבילתCHAYESA D'KITREI SAVRAS V'KIBALT- (a) this is a parable about a person who buys a full bag that is tied, making it impossible to discern what is inside - wine, oil, or water. Afterwards the purchaser finds out that it contains only water (RABEINU CHANANEL to Bava Kama 9a); (b) a small pouch that is tied with many knots, indicating that it contains something significant, but in reality it does not. The purchaser did not check its contents, thinking it contained pieces of silver or the like (RASHI, RABEINU YEHONASAN to Bava Kama ibid.)

b)[line 3]סברת וקבילתSAVRAS V'KIBALT- you thought [it over] and accepted to buy [it]; you have committed yourself to buying a Chayesa d'Kitrei; i.e. you agreed to take a chance of losing your money

3)[line 4]מכי דייש אמצריMI'KI DAYISH A'MITZREI- (a) from when he walks along the boundaries of the field (RASHI, 1st edition, cited by the SHITAH MEKUBETZES); (b) from when he raises the boundary markings of the field and/or fixes them (RASHI to Bava Metzia 14b); (c) from when he removes the boundary markings of the field, incorporating it with his own fields (in the event that he has a field that borders this one) (RAN, see Chidushei Anshei Shem)

4)[line 5]אחוי טירפך ואשלם לךACHAVI TIRPACH VA'ASHALEM LACH- show me the document signed by Beis Din confirming that the purchased property was seized, giving you the right to be compensated for the value of the property

5)[line 13]שלשה שלשה של זהבSHELOSHAH SHELOSHAH SHEL ZAHAV- each one receives three Dinerim of gold, each one of which is worth 25 Dinerim of silver, i.e. each one takes 75 silver Dinerim = 75 Zuz

6)[line 13]שהטילו לכיסSHE'HITILU L'CHIS- (lit. who put money in a moneybag) who made a partnership [using these amounts]


7)[line 25]זוזי חדתיZUZEI CHADTEI- (a) new coins (RASHI); (b) different coins (RAMBAM Hilchos Sheluchin v'Shutafin 4:3)

8)[line 25]אסתירא דצוניתאISTIRA D'TZUNISA- a coin that is [out of circulation and only] used to put on a wound (see Shabbos 65a)