[4a - 38 lines; 4b - 41 lines]

1)[line 6]במזוייף מתוכוMEZUYAF MI'TOCHO- a legal document that is invalidated by something within the document itself (such as the signature of a witness who was a relative or invalid in some other way, or who signed she'Lo li'Shmah (see TOSFOS))

2)[line 16]ומובלעות בתחום ארץ ישראלU'MUVLA'OS BI'TECHUM ERETZ YISRAEL- and it was swallowed up and enclosed on three sides by the area (boundaries) of Eretz Yisrael

3)[line 17]כמבי כובי לפומבדיתאKEMI'BEI KUVEI L'FUMBEDISA- like the distance from Bei Kuvei to Pumbedisa (lit. Mouth of Bedisa, a canal of the Euphrates), which was six Parsa'os away. (Pumbedisa was the location of a great Yeshiva in Bavel.)

4)[line 21]לא שכיחיLO SHECHICHEI- they are not commonly found


5)[line 6]ורבנן בתראיV'RABANAN BASRA'EI- and the last Chachamim [whose opinion is mentioned last]

6)[line 33]ועססיותASASIYOS- a place in Eretz Yisrael (whose location is unknown)