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Harris Tilevitz asked:

Question:I am doing the siyum for my daf yomi group this Shabbos but am a loss to either say something importnat about the last mishnah or to somehow relate the last mishnah to the first mishnah of the masechet as I've been told is customary (this is the first time i'm doing a siyum). Can you offer any suggestions? Thank you.

The Kollel replies:

Dear Mr. Tilevitz,

How did the Siyum go? Please let us know what you found to speak about, and also please accept our apologies for not being able to respond promptly to your time-sensitive question. The last (and longest) Maharsha on the Masechta gives a beautiful explanation, tying the end of the Masechta to the beginning.

If you have the privilege of making the Siyum for Maseches Pesachim (or any other Masechta), please be in touch then and b'Ezras Hash-m we will discuss ideas to speak about.

All the best,

Yisrael Shaw